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Q3. Key service providers statistics

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Abu Dhabi

No data available.


Bermuda has 55 promoters of administered funds, 30 international administrators, 5 custodians, 7 fund auditors and 8 law firms.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands have 66 international administrators, 10 custodians, more than 5 fund auditors and 15 law firms.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands have 106 full mutual fund administrator licenses, 48 fund auditors and 35 law firms.


Cyprus has 37 fund promotors, 10 administrators, 7 custodians, more than 100 law firms and more than 100 fund auditors.


No data available.


Guernsey has 336 fund promoters, 14 custodians, 11 fund auditors and 10 law firms.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has 2,796 regulated activities of licensed corporations (957 regulated activities of licensed corporation for Type 1 - Dealing in securities; 889 regulated activities of licensed corporation for Type 4 - Advising in securities; 950 regulated activities of licensed corporation for Type 9 - Asset Management).


Ireland has 481 promoters of domiciled funds, 39 international fund administrators, 19 custodians, 11 fund auditors and 14 law firms.


Japan has 6 licensed trust banks and 929 law firms.


Jersey has 1,101 promoters of administered funds, 44 international administrators, 14 custodians, 11 fund auditors and 10 law firms.


Liechtenstein has 115 promoters of administered funds, 11 custodians, 5 fund auditors and 39 law firms.


Luxembourg has 819 promoters of domiciled funds, 116 fund administrators, 64 fund custodians, 512 management companies of domiciled funds, 117 transfer agents, 15 fund auditors and 43 law firms.

Monterey Insight 2017


Malta has 30 international administrators, 11 custodians,19 fund auditors and 15 law firms.

Source: Malta Stock Exchange website, August 2015


Mauritius has 9 custodians, 24 CIS managers and 6 CIS administrators.


Singapore has 405 licensed fund managers, 274 registered fund managers and 489 exempt financial managers. There are also 40 international administrators, 42 custodians, 10 fund auditors and 23 law firms.

Source: Singapore Stock exchange


Switzerland has 354 promoters of funds, 44 administrators, 94 representatives of foreign funds and 32 custodians.


The United Kingdom has more than 20 promoters of administered funds, more than 42 fund administrators, more than 70 custodians and more than 40 fund auditors and law firms alike.

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